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Best Decision For Root Canal Treatment Smilex

´╗┐Pune has a population of approximately 3 million. which means there are enough chances for all kinds of problems and also of finding the best solutions. In case, you are looking for best dentist in Pune, then no other name that comes to mind but Smilex dental clinic. Headed by the most honorary Dr. Vijay Deshmukh, this clinic is known for giving best root canal treatments, laser treatments, orthodontic braces, and cosmetic dentistry in Pune. There is no second opinion to the quality of service and care rendered at this place given the fact that Dr. Deshmukh himself holds an exemplary experience of 3 decades in this field and is assisted by some of the most qualified and reputed dentists in this clinic.
A very polite and professional person, Dr. Deshmukh is reckoned for his flawless diagnosis and treatment and is one of the best orthodontists in Pune till date. Tooth and gum pain is one of the biggest problems that any person would refrain from experiencing and visiting the hospital for any such cause. On the top of that if you visit any random dentist, chances are you may end up getting it worse. Out mouth is one of the most sensitive and life giving substances in our body. Our teeth and gums being the first receivers for every incoming thing and thus needs best care and treatment.
It is advised to visit only those dentists who have some experience in the field and if your family already has one of the dentists, it is advisable to visit them as they will be knowing your family history and records very well. In case of dental problems, people many a times take things very lightly and don't care during the initial stages. Rationally, if you can take care of things at initial stage, it might not end up becoming a huge problem later and you may get out of the problem easily and with less expenses.
It is also recommended by experts to go for a dental checkups once in a while. The doctor would let you know about your dental health and might identify problems or cavities or damaged nerves at preliminary stage. It can really help you saving from a lot of pain and unnecessary problems later on. Out of all the things that you wear, your smile is the most beautiful jewel that can add to your beauty and charm anytime. And precious beauty enhancing jewels deserve the best care so that life is increased. At Smilex, you can rest assured about all these issues. The team of doctors working here also specializes in providing oral beauty enhancing techniques like crowns, bridges, veneers, teeth whitening, as well as polishing. There is a separate segment for kids and special sweet medicines for kids below 10 years who are more prone to cavities. The doctors here will also help you with all kind of questions and queries. Whenever you go for a checkup they will let you know what best can be done to keep your smile intact.

Dental Care Routine How to keep stains at bay

´╗┐Smilex is one of the premier dental clinic in Pune. In terms of dental care, this is the one hospital that incorporates multiple facilities under one roof. For the patient, this means comfort, care and convenience at one place. Under the expert guidance of Dr Deshmukh, the clinic has helped thousands of patients get world class dental care. The best in class technology is perfectly complimented by the state of the art patient care facilities.

At Smilex, the primary focus is on ensuring patient care and comfort. Irrespective of the treatment, the patient is made comfortable. Utmost care is taken to guarantee that the pain and discomfort for the patient is as little as possible.

Our focus is on preventing your teeth from getting stained. Yes! The food that you eat, beverage that you drink and even habits like smoking are known to cause stains on the teeth. Basically, the substance coming in contact with your teeth tends to stick to the enamel and that's what causes stain.

Coming from the experts at Smilex, here is a look at some important things that you need to know about preventing your teeth from getting stained:

Avoid drinking excessive amounts of tea and beverage as these stains are most difficult to get rid of. These beverages are high in acid content. When this acid comes in contact with the enamel of your teeth, it spells disaster.

Similarly red wine is also bad for your teeth. While the excellent beverage is a great choice for your health, it can be really bad for your teeth and the red stains can damage your precious smile. Other dangerous beverages for your teeth are colas and sodas. They are strong for the palate and for your teeth as well.

Since these drinks are strongly acidic, they cause an erosion of the enamel. Post this erosion, any food that you consume can cause stains on your teeth. In terms of food, berries, tomatoes, etc. are other highly citric options that increase the risk of your teeth being damaged.

How can you prevent it?

Now that you are aware of what causes the stains on your teeth, here is a look at the steps that you can take to prevent this stain formation. First things first, remember to brush your teeth as often as possible. This maintains hygiene and ensures that the stains don't stay on your teeth for long.

Even when you cant brush, rinse your teeth as often as possible. Another good precaution that can help you avoid stains is using a straw to gulp down the drink directly. Lastly, remember to visit the dentist regularly. After all, only the expert can identify a problem and nip it in the bud.

With a little care, you can ensure that your million dollar smile lasts for a lifetime. So, why hesitate to take care of your beautiful teeth!